Finals Tips From Finals Veterans

Paris Toscano, Editor

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As finals week approaches, many students are stressing out and worrying about how well they will do. This year, Finals Week is January 22nd through January 26th. To ease your mind, I talked to some finals veterans and asked them what tips they have.  


Qiu Johnston

Karla Molina

Morgan Carter

Avery Steward

Bring a book or something to do after because some teachers will let you do something after you’re done, if it’s not on your phone. Be prepared to get a score that you may not like, but don’t let it stop you from trying your best the next time round. Don’t cram a bunch of studying into one night because you won’t really retain any of that information. Get lots of sleep during finals week or even before, so that you’re not exhausted while taking your tests.


We hope that this advice from these students who have taken many finals will calm some of your nerves. One piece of advice that I would give you is to avoid stressing too much about what’s going to happen and just focus on retaining the information that is needed to pass all of your tests. Follow the tips above and you’ll do superbly on your finals!

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Finals Tips From Finals Veterans