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Emma Harris, Sports Reporter

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As many students here at Everett already know, the school recently got free internet devices from Sprint. These devices are for students who struggle with internet access at home. This could be students who have no internet access at home, have dial-up internet, or share an internet source with many people.

Many different tactics were used to let people know about these devices. There were informational packets in the library and front office and a sandwich board in front of the  A-building. Letters were mailed out, Connect-ed phone calls were made, and all the counselors were told to let students in need know about this opportunity.

I spoke to our tech guru, Mr. Hoover and got a follow up on everything free-internet- related. He informed me that yes, you can still sign up for an internet device until they run out. However,  once they’re gone, you will get put on a waiting list. When asked about the problems he faced, Mr. Hoover said that the biggest problem was time. It takes a while to activate the devices, so he advises students  who sign up for a device to come back in a day or two to get their activated device. A more minor issue was the Sprint website; sometimes it is unavailable or updating, and that creates a bit of a delay. Besides those issues, everything with the Sprint devices seems to be moving smoothly.

If you do need to sign up for a Sprint 1:1 device, you can go to the library and fill out a form; if you qualify, then you’ll be assigned a device. When you hand in the form, Mr. Hoover will tell you to come back in 24-48 hours to pick up your device because it should be ready by then. If you do not come back within two days, there will be a note sent to one of your classrooms to let you know the device is ready for pick up.

If it’s been awhile since you signed up and you know you met the qualifications, but you  haven’t been notified if you got the device or not, go speak to Mr. Hoover in the library because you may have missed the notes that were sent to your class. However, Mr. Hoover is pretty positive at this point that everyone who signed up for the device has already gotten one.

EHS is doing its best to make sure that everyone who meets the qualifications receives a device. Mr. Hoover hopes that everyone who needs one knows about them, but he says that there are probably still students out there that don’t even know about this opportunity. So, if you need a free internet device, make sure you go to the library today!

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Sprint Wifi Information